Our expectation – “We are extremely concerned with our employees well-being on our job sites. We strive each and every day to be the standard-bearer of safety within our industry. We challenge each employee with working safely and emphasize to each, the importance of all the current training programs.”

Rick Johnson

Providing a safe work environment is our main goal. Creating a culture to where safety is of the utmost importance is what we strive for every day here at R/J Group, Inc. every day. We work hard at making sure our technicians are working in a safe and hazard free work environment.shutterstock_294951353

From the first day a new technician starts they are required to go through our safety seminar conducted by our safety committee. We make sure we cover as many topics as we can before a new hire enters our workforce.

Tool box talks – Our Toolbox talks are conducted on a weekly basis and we cover everything from proper attire, tools and equipment, ladder safety, fall protection, and behavior while on the job site, etc… This is to set the standard right from the beginning.

Outside safety consultant – We have one of the best safety consultants in the state of Florida working on our behalf to insure that we are in compliance with all OSHA rules and regulations; however, we do not stop there. We strive to be the bench mark of safety in our industry and that is why we are pushing to set the standard of safety excellence in our home state. We even provide random safety inspections from our consultant as well as from our safety committee members.

Daily safety checks – everyone that works at R/J Group, Inc is tasked to be a safety officer. We empower our men and women to administer our safety expectations and report on anyone working beneath the R/J Group standard of safety excellence. Daily spot checks are conducted by our own forces, as well as, our safety officers, consultants, and our executive team.

Weather related safety – A safe work environment is not just limited to the equipment and the obvious rigors of working on a roof. In Florida, the weather can pose its own set of challenges when it comes to a safe work environment. That is why our foremen have protocols that they must adhere to at the first sign of a thunderstorm.

Equipment – To insure that all of our employees are complying with the R/J Group, Inc. standard we supply them with certain tools they need to follow our safety program. That is why we supply all of our technicians with a hard hat, reflective vest, safety glasses, ear plugs and a harness from day one and we make sure that they are wearing them, when the situation necessitates it.