New Commercial Construction

new commerical construction floridaSince most business owners occupy their brick and mortar locations after they’ve already been completed, they may not know just how important the construction process is to the success of their companies. Think about it: Without the expert assistance of several different professionals, there’d be no place for customers to browse, no area for employees to work and thrive, and no safe location to keep products secure and store crucial business documents. Essentially, without quality construction, it’d be very hard for a company to continue moving forward.

In our extensive construction experience, we know full well the importance of roof installation when it comes to new construction. The roof is largely a major pivot point when building your new retail establishment or warehouse and it holds up every other trade until we are done. That is why we are 100% devoted to quality craftsmanship in a timely manner. We have executive level commitments on every job we undertake to insure our projects are completed on time.

That’s why you need quality assistance when starting on any commercial building project, whether it’s a small corner store or a large high rise. In particular, you want to make sure that your roof is in excellent condition from the moment it’s installed. Volusia County’s frequent thunderstorms and year-round high temperatures put a great deal of wear and tear on your roof, necessitating professional installation and regular maintenance. R/J Group, Inc. is here to provide everything your roof needs to keep your business going.

For 30 years, we’ve provided businesses throughout THE STATE OF FLORIDA” with top-of-the-line roofs FOR SUCH GREAT CUSTOMERS AS,


and many more.

Our team is fully licensed, certified, and insured to make your construction project a success. With a long track record of customer satisfaction, we’re ready to answer any questions and satisfy all your roofing needs. Include R/J Group, Inc. on your next new commercial construction project to give your buildings a beautiful, secure and sound roof. To learn more or to schedule your initial consultation, give us a call at (386) 760-0764 today.